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Poker After Dark

Full Tilt Poker Introduces Poker After Dark, an exclusive tournament that runs for Six Consecutive Nights Per Week at 2:05AM, with $120,000 in prize money. You can actually win your seat for free! What could be more exciting than watching the world's best poker professionals compete in an exclusive, televised tournament for a winner-take-all prize of $120,000? This event is nationally broadcasted and runs for six nights per week.

Poker After Dark is an astounding event that will quickly become Must See television for the poker fan who's serious about the game.

If you play in one of Full Tilt's round-the-clock Sit & Go tournaments starting on January 2nd, you'll have the chance to win an incredible $25,000 Poker After Dark prize package, including a $20,000 tournament entry and $5,000 in spending money. If you win your way to Vegas, you'll get to play with the pros and, potentially, walk away with an additional $120,000 in your pocket. Wouldn't that be a dream come true?!

To win your free tournament entry, just look for Full Tilt's daily Poker After Dark Sit & Go tournaments. Be one of the top two finishers and you'll be automatically entered into one of their two weekly Round 2 tournaments at 10PM ET on Tuesdays or at 3PM ET on Saturdays.

Be one of the top nine finishers in either of these tournaments and you'll move on to play for your free Poker After Dark seat at 9:30PM ET on April 30th. You can also buy your way directly into this event for 10,0000 Full Tilt Poker points or satellite your way in by playing in one of their 600-point, 18-player Sit & Go events.

The only place to win your seat in this event is Full Tilt Poker and it's exclusive so be where the actions at.

It's worth staying up for!

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