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Full Tilt Poker at the forefront

Full Tilt Poker has been at the forefront of the online casino gambling explosion, which has been fueled, in large part, by the worldwide poker craze, which has literally gone on “Full Tilt!”

Online poker has been the number one reason that online casino gambling is the world’s fastest growing enterprise and Full Tilt poker has taken both the craze, as well as the quality, to an entire new level.

Full Tilt Poker opened in July of 2004 and spared no expense in their aggressive marketing campaign that has gradually, yet quickly, helped grow the business into an industry leader and one of the “first names” in online poker.

Full Tilt Poker has been built up with the help of well known and highly respected professional poker players such as Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, and Phil Gordon, all of whom can often be found playing at the Full Tilt Poker tables themselves!!!

The popularity of Full Tilt Poker, in fact, speaks for itself as at peak times you can find literally sixty thousand players at Full Tilt Poker tournament tables and another ten thousand players at the cash game tables. Those staggering numbers tell the real story, which is that Full Tilt Poker is the place to be for online casino poker enthusiasts!

You will also find that the typical Full Tilt Poker player is more sophisticated and offers more of a challenge than at other lesser-known online casino poker rooms. The Full Tilt players have a reputation for being more “tight” then the typical wild and loose online poker player that you will come up against. This means that the quality of play at Full Tilt is better!

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