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Win Money at Poker by Playing Fewer Hands

If you want to win more money playing online poker then you really should consider playing fewer hands. Yes, you should actually play fewer hands to win more money. One of the biggest mistakes that players who play Texas Holdem make is playing too many hands.

Most new poker players want to get in on the action in as many hands as possible. They want the action and it is understandable. But new players simply can’t win by playing a lot of hands. They aren’t good enough to play marginal hands time after time.

When you play Texas Holdem there are 169 different possible starting hands you could get. There are five hands that are considered really strong. They are AA, KK, QQ, AK (Suited) and JJ. You can almost always play those five hands regardless of position. There are really only five to ten other hands that you should play. All of the other hands should be folded. It is tough to fold that pair of 7’s but that is exactly what you should do. The only 15 hands you really should play are:

AK (suited)
AQ (suited)
AJ (suited)
AK (off suit)
KQ (suited)
A10 (suited)
KJ (suited)
AQ (off suit)
JQ (suited)

All of the other hands should be folded in most situations. If you want to make more money playing Texas Holdem at the online casino then you should play fewer hands.

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