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Using the Auto Play Button in Online Poker

When you play online poker you will have the option of using the auto play button. These buttons are designed to speed up the play at the table as players can click their choices in advance. Should you use the auto play button when you play online poker?

While it sounds great to be able to check, raise or fold in advance, the auto play button actually gives away information to your opponents. It doesn’t take observant players long to figure out the strength of a player’s hand if he is using the auto play button. For example, if a player is on a draw and doesn’t want to put more money in the pot they will oftentimes click the check button. This is a sure “tell” about the strength of a player’s hand. Good players will use that information to their advantage.

Another reason that using the auto play buttons is not a good idea is that they don’t give you much flexibility. You need to be able to shift gears and make decisions based on the table dynamics and if you have already predetermined your actions you are not going to be as focused.

Auto play buttons do have their place in online poker but you really should only be using them if you intend to fold. Don’t automatically click the raise or the check button. Wait until it is your turn to act so you don’t give away information that can benefit your opponents.

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