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Tips for Playing Omaha Poker

Many people love to play Texas Holdem online but are afraid to take a chance playing Omaha poker. That is too bad because people who like Texas Holdem would love Omaha poker if they gave it a chance.

Omaha poker is similar in many respects to Texas Holdem but there are some differences. Instead of getting two cards you get four but you can only use two of those cards combined with community cards to make the best five-card poker hand. And you must use exactly two of the cards in your hand. In Omaha the game is really very loose as many players are looking to get the nuts.

When you play Omaha there are some tips to remember. Don’t try bluffing in Omaha because it rarely works. Don’t overplay high pairs because pairs rarely win in Omaha. In fact, if your pair doesn’t become a set then you should fold and even if you have a set you still have to be careful. Also keep in mind that Omaha is a game that is played after the flop.

The best Omaha players win because they play strong starting hands and understand that Omaha is a game about drawing to the nuts. They realize that Omaha poker is not Texas Holdem poker and that different strategies are needed for winning.

Check out Omaha poker today at the online casino.

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