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Three Betting in Holdem Poker

Doyle Brunson professional poker playerOne of the terms you hear thrown around all the time in Holdem Poker is “three betting.” What does that mean and how is it done?

Three betting is where someone is making the third bet in Holdem Poker. For example, if one person comes in for a bet, the next person raises, the person that raises again would be three-betting. It could also be that the first person bets, the second raises and it comes back around to the first person and he re-raises. That would also be a three-bet.

Most players will three bet because they want to get more money into the pot and more out of their hand. It can also be done as a bluff but it is a much riskier play as a bluff because if the bet gets called the player making the three-bet is likely way behind in the hand. Players that three-bet as a bluff will need other hands to fold to win.

The time to make a three-bet is when you believe you have the best hand and want to extra value from it. The other time to make a three-bet is when you believe the other players in the hand are weak enough that they would fold to a big bet.

Three-betting in poker is extremely common today as more and more players play an aggressive style. If you want to get better and make more money then you may want to incorporate three-betting into your game when playing online poker.


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