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The Trouble Card in Texas Holdem Poker

Do you get excited when you get dealt an ace as one of your two hole cards when playing online Texas Holdem poker? Most people do but unfortunately most people don’t win when they get dealt an ace and they don’t even win as often as they should with two aces. The ace is more of a trouble card than any other card in the deck when it comes to Texas Holdem. Why is that?

The problem with getting an ace at a full table in online Texas Holdem is that even when you have the ace, there is a decent chance that someone else has one too. Let’s look at the numbers. They tell us that at a full table of 10 players the chances are 75 percent that someone else will also have an ace when you get one. That means the second card is critical as it is your kicker. Unless you have ace-king or ace-queen you should be very careful about playing ace-anything hands and even the ace-queen can be a trouble hand.
If you start with a single ace you will pair one or your cards on the flop about a third of the time. And that is not always good news because unless you have a king, your kicker is vulnerable.

An even bigger problem is that people who get an ace in Texas Holdem simply won’t fold. They will stay in the hand with an ace and a weak kicker. That is a mistake as it is far better to fold that ace and weak kicker and fight another day.

Be cautious the next time you get a single ace when playing Texas Holdem and don’t be afraid to fold.

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