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Texas Holdem Poker Percentages

Doyle Brunson professional poker playerOne of the things a new player to Texas Holdem should know, or as you might say, one of the things that a new player should at least know, is percentages.

When you take a seat at an online poker table you need to know what the limits are at that table. There are three types of tables: a limit table, a no- limit table and tournament table.

Learning how to play Texas Holdem is easy but getting comfortable with what is happening in the game is another story. There are some very definite strategies you must understand and when to use them. You must also have the discipline to follow the rules of the strategies you are using. This game is fun but can be costly if you do not know what you are doing.

If you have difficulty with percentages then do something about it. Start practicing in this area until you get comfortable with it. The division is simple; you will be dividing fractions with numbers no higher than fifty. The numerator will be your outs; the denominator will be the number of unseen cards which change as the play goes on. Fifty before the flop, forty seven after the flop, and forty six after the turn; the results will be the percentage chance of you making one of those outs. Remember, the outs are the number of cards left in the deck which will improve your hand. If you have two threes in the hole then the outs are two three’s which results in a very low percentage.

Learn more of the percentages and enjoy playing Texas Holdem poker at the online casino.


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