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Texas Holdem Poker Odds

Doyle Brunson professional poker playerTexas Holdem Poker has some seemingly complicated odds, but with a little study you can play with the best of them. Let’s look into the odds a bit.

On a table with six people there are some constants that come into play. There are four things to consider, that being: Outs; Pot odds; Bet odds and implied odds.

Let’s look at bet odds and implied odds. This is done by evaluating the number of callers to a raise. For example, let’s say there are six players at the table, including yourself. You know the five opponents at the table are going to call your bet, which means you have a one in five chance of winning the pot. At this point your odds are good. With this activity you’re attempting to predict quietly to your self how many people are going to react to your activity. If you are accurate in your prediction you can walk away with the pot because you successfully made your bets according to what the pot odds are telling you.

There is another factor to consider and that is the implied odds, which most often have a serious affect on the outcome of the hand. Let’s say you are in a 5/10 game, and you have a four flush on top, the person next to you bets and everyone else folds. The Pot is now $50.00 so you have to figure what your implied odds are of hitting the flush on the next turn. At five to one the percentage of winning the pot is about 19 percent. But you can figure out if your opponent is going to bet into you and that will change the odds. If you get the flush on the turn you’re in, but if you don’t get it until the river your odds change to about 1 in 4 and of course if you don’t get your flush then you will lose the pot unless your opponent folds.

Keep the odds in mind the next time you play online Texas Holdem poker.


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