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Sit-n-Go Poker Tips

Doyle Brunson professional poker playerSome of the most popular tournaments to play at online pokers sites are the sit-n-go tournaments. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you win more of these tournaments.

1 – Play tight early and aggressive late. You don’t need to be going all-in early in a sit-n-go unless you have a premium hand. As the game gets shorthanded you want to open up your game more and be aggressive.

2 – Bet Strong Hands. There is no need to get cute in a sit-n-go tournament. Get the money out there with your strong hands and more often than not some other player will make a mistake and call you.

3 – When you go all-in try to make it a bet instead of a call. When you push all-in you are showing strength and putting the other player at risk. You can win with the best hand but also if the other players fold. When you call an all-in bet you have to win the showdown.

4 – Don’t Slow Play – You can pretty much forget about slow playing hands in sit-n-go’s at low limits. When you get a big hand you should bet it as we mentioned in tip number two.

5 – Don’t Bluff – There may be some rare exceptions when you can bluff in a sit-n-go online poker tournament but they are few and far between so the best advice is to forget about bluffing, period.


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