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Set Mining in Texas Holdem Poker

Doyle Brunson professional poker playerOne of the most exciting things that occur in Texas Holdem poker is when you hit a set. Most of the time when you hit a set you are going to get paid off and oftentimes in a big way. Set mining is a term in Texas Holdem poker where you have a pair in your hand and you are trying to hit a set on the flop. Let’s take a look at set mining.

The first thing to know about set mining is your chances of actually hitting a set on the flop when you hold a pocket pair. The odds are about 7.5 to 1 for you to hit a set. Those odds are really not that high so most of the time you are not going to hit. To make set mining profitable you have to really understand what you are trying to do. If you do happen to hit your set then you have to get paid off big or it is not worth calling a preflop raise in hopes of hitting a set.

In Texas Holdem poker there are very few cut and dried situations because things are always different. Your image, your position, the opposing players and stack sizes all come into play when you are set mining. There will be times you call a raise with your pocket pair and other times when you will fold.

Set mining is fun, exciting, and it can be profitable when you play Texas Holdem poker at the online casino.


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