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Same Mistakes Plague Poker Veterans and Rookies

It is amazing that a game known to “take a lifetime to master” continues to have the same mistakes made by its players regardless on if they are experienced or new to the game of poker. Excessive bluffing, overplaying bad hands, lack of respect for the odds, and going on tilt to chase bad beats remain the biggest obstacles to success in online poker to this very day.

Bluffing is becoming such a farce that it has become a caricature of itself more than an effective strategy to be carefully hand selected over time. It is harder to bluff online that it is at a traditional brick and mortar in person table game and yet most online poker players seem to have the belief that it will work for them and lead to “stealing money” and profits. Smart players have become accustomed to everyone bluffing nowadays and are no longer fazed by it as they continue to respect the odds.

Tilt is just as bad of a phenomenon as there are a huge amount of online poker players that lack the discipline of being able to accept a bad beat. If you want to get beat over and over again by chasing and reliving the same bad beat by all means be our guest but don’t cry about it afterwards. The best poker players grow up and realize the risks that they take when they enter the online poker tables and have lived to fight another day with bankrolls not blown on tilt.

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