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Recognizing and Eliminating Mistakes Playing Online Poker

Everyone that plays online poker makes mistakes. The best players just make fewer of them and they recognize the ones they make and learn from them. Players that don’t win consistently will rarely learn from their mistakes.

Let’s look at a couple of examples to illustrate. Let’s say you are playing Texas Holdem online poker and you are on the button with a pair of jack’s. You had a few limpers but no raises and it is up to you. What should you do? You should raise. If you don’t raise then you made a mistake. Let’s look at another one. Let’s say you have pocket kings and raise from late position and drive everyone out of the pot except one of the blinds. The flop comes A-8-6. Your opponent leads out and bets. You have three choices as you could call, raise or fold. This is a bad flop for you as it shows an Ace out there and the raiser very possibly has an Ace. You should fold but you probably won’t fold those kings and that will end up as a costly mistake more times than not.

The goal when you play online poker is to recognize your mistakes and learn from them. Good poker players learn to raise in proper positions and fold when they are beat.

If you want to improve as an online poker player you not only have to recognize your mistakes but you also have to eliminate them.

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