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Poker Dynamics Change Dramatically

Doyle Brunson professional poker playerWith the explosion of online poker in worldwide popularity there has also been the dramatic change in the dynamics and strategy of the game as the speed of online poker, accessibility and capability of players to actually play several different hands and tables at the same time have re-written the way the game is played.

Online poker is played at a pace that could not possibly be imagined just a generation ago when guys would get together in a garage or basement to play a few hands over a case of beer. Today players are competing at the same table from across the globe and making decisions in a matter of seconds rather than at the former leisurely pace of yesteryear.

Online poker has given players an accessibility that was also previously unimaginable just a generation ago. Players now have instant access to any type of poker game or tournament of their choosing at any time of day or night. With this easy access has come a new dynamic of style and strategy as players of today have proven to be far more aggressive and less patient than in the past.

The dynamic of an individual player taking part in sever different poker games at the same time is also unique but a stark reality of today. Many poker players are action addicts that cannot simply stand for playing at a single table and must fuel their need for immediate action by playing at several tables.

Despite the radical changes in poker thanks to the online version’s popularity the one constant that never changes is the law of the odds. The gravity and physics of the math and odds remain the same and the smart winning players respect that.


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