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New Players Should Only Play These Hands in Texas Holdem

If you are a new player trying out Texas Holdem you should really only play ten hands. Yes, it sounds boring to fold nearly every hand but if you want to win money then you should only be playing top hands. Let’s look at the only hands you should play.

1. Ace-Ace
This is the top hand in Texas Holdem and an automatic play no matter the situation.

2. King-King
This is the second best hand in Texas Holdem and once again an automatic play no matter the situation. Not many players will ever fold Kings.

3. Queen-Queen
The third best hand is a pair of Queens but this hand doesn’t feel as good when an Ace or King flops.

4. Ace-King
This hand is very good but it is not a made hand. It needs to hit something on the flop to be any good. It is stronger when it is suited.

5. Jack-Jack
A pair of Jacks is a strong hand but only preflop as it gets weaker after the flop if an Ace, King or Queen flop.

6. Ace-Queen
This is the second best drawing hand but it is rarely a hand you want to go all-in with.

7. King-Queen
This hand is solid but much better if it is suited. The only concern is if an Ace hits on the flop.

8. Ace-Jack
This is another nice drawing hand and is better when it is suited.

9. King-Jack
This is another playable hand if you can get in cheaply and preferably in position.

10. Ace-Ten
This hand is another drawing hand that is best played cheaply and in position.

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