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Learning to Steal the Blinds in Online Poker

If you want to win more money when playing online poker you have to be able to steal the blinds. Just think of how many times you have been in the blinds and had to fold when someone raised you. How do you learn to steal the blinds?

Do you know why people can steal the blinds so often when playing online poker? Many times the blinds won’t have a good enough hand to call a raise with. Eventually one of them will get a decent hand and call but in the meantime the person stealing the blinds may have picked up three or four blinds. And there will be times when the person stealing the blinds actually has a real hand.

To steal the blinds you have to be willing to raise when you have nothing. It is tough for the average player to do this because it goes against the grain to bet when you have nothing. That is exactly why blind stealing works because most of the time the blinds won’t have good hands and will fold. For the most part, people in the blinds only want to play premium starting hands and more often than not they don’t get them. People playing online poker don’t like to play weak hands when they have to risk money. That plays right into the blind stealer’s strategy.

If you want to be a good blind stealer then you have to be prepared. It works best in passive tables where people won’t play back at you. People that play tight won’t want to risk anything so you will steal their blinds on a regular basis. Learn to get out of your comfort zone, be willing to bet poor hands and steal the blinds to win more money when playing online poker.

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