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Heads-Up Online Poker

One of the exciting forms of Texas Holdem poker to play at the online casino is Head-Up poker. Let’s look at Heads-Up Texas Holdem poker at the online casino.

The first thing you are going to notice when you play Texas Holdem poker heads-up is that the game is fast. You are going to be seeing a lot of hands and making a lot of bets. You have to be on your game and paying attention at all times.

Another big difference in Heads-Up Texas Holdem compared to a full table situation is hand selection. Any face card with a decent kicker now is a very strong hand. The K-7 that would have been an automatic throw away on a full table now becomes a strong hand you will raise. Drawing hands, such as 7-8 suited, become less attractive because you are not likely to win a big pot and you are almost assuredly starting the hand trailing your opponent.

Keep in mind that with the faster pace you need to force your opponent to make decisions. You don’t always want to be reacting to him if you expect to win. By forcing your opponent to make decisions you increase the chances of him making a mistake. Heads up play involves quick decisions so you want to force the action. You can oftentimes win pots uncontested with a decent sized raise.

Remember when you play Heads-Up Texas Holdem at the online casino that the game has a different dynamic than a full table. Your strategies must change and your starting hands must change. Keep that in mind as you play Heads-Up Texas Holdem at the online casino.

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