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Can Slowplaying in Poker Still Work?

It seems that everyone who plays poker today raises and re-raises all the time. Whether it is at a local casino or at an online casino, aggressive play seems to be the rule. Is there even a place for slowplaying big hands anymore and can it work?

Slowplaying a hand in poker is where you where you have a strong hand and donít bet it aggressively. It used to be that people would slow play hand like Aces, Kings or Queens and hope to get more money into the pot with their big hand. In todayís poker, people are betting almost every hand aggressively so there is not as much slowplaying big hands.

The entire definition of slowplaying almost has to be adjusted in todayís aggressive poker environment. If you get a hand like Aces or Kings you can simply let everyone else do the work for you in terms of raising. In the past you would slow play these hands and pounce on the turn or on the river. With so many aggressive players today you donít have to do anything other than just call until the river. You are slowplaying, but in a much different way than in the past.

In todayís poker world the old definition of slowplaying almost doesnít apply. So yes, slowplaying does work in todayís poker but it definitely has a different meaning than it used to have.

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