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Beating Weak Poker Players

If you are going to win money playing poker then you have to take advantage of the weaker players at the table. You might be surprised how much of a challenge that can be sometimes. If you are a good player then you might struggle more than you should against weaker players. Why is that and what can you do about it?

One factor that comes into play way too often when good players go up against weak players is that they play down to the level of their competition. It happens in sports and it happens in poker. Good players relax and let their guard down. They get cocky and donít play their ďAĒ game.

Another problem is that good players try to use fancy plays against weak players. The problem is that weak players donít understand the fancy plays.
If you want to win money against weak players you canít get tricky. You rarely will be able to bluff them or make trick plays because the weaker players wonít understand what you are trying to do.

The best way for you to beat a weak player is simply to run over them. You should be able to overwhelm weaker opponents by playing smart poker. Pound your strong hands but be careful with weak hands. Always remember that it is best to stick to a straightforward approach when you play against weaker players.

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