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Battling the Blind Stealers in Online Texas Holdem Poker

When you play online Texas Holdem poker how do you counter the players who constantly steal your blinds? Let’s take a look.

The first thing you can do to fight the blind steal attempts is to develop an image of someone who won’t be pushed around. This starts right when you sit down as you need to defend your blinds even with weak hands just to send the rest of the table a message you won’t sit still while people steal your blinds.

Another good way to fight the blind steal attempts is to come back at the blind stealer with a big raise. It helps if you have a big hand when you do this but regardless, you have to reraise big sometimes when someone tries to steal your blind.

When you continually defend your blinds you get the added benefit of winning a nice pot when you do actually have a hand. Sometimes you can even win without a showdown because you can lead out with a bet after the flop and get the blind stealer to fold.

It is critical to your success in online Texas Holdem poker to defend your blinds. You can’t allow other players at the table to run over you and bully you when you are in the blinds. Develop your image and reraise the blind stealers to counter their attempts and you will win more money playing online Texas Holdem poker.

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