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Playing Ace-King in Texas Holdem Poker

One of the most popular hands in Texas Holdem is Ace-King. Known as “Big Slick” it is also one of the most dangerous hands for players because they play it poorly. How should you play Ace-King in Holdem?

The first thing to remember about Ace-King is that it is not a made hand. This is so important that it bears repeating. You almost always need help for this hand to win you a pot in Holdem. Many players get into trouble with this hand thinking it is as good as Aces or Kings. It is not. You may very well want to raise with this hand but you have to be willing to let it go after the flop if you don’t connect. So many players fall in love with this hand and can’t lay it down. If you raised before the flop and missed, you have to be willing to fold to pressure. Many players simply can’t fold Ace-King and they lose a lot of money. Ace-King is a strong starting hand, but it is not the nuts unless it connects with something.

What you should do with Ace-King is bet it aggressively before the flop. You can feel confident before the flop with this hand because there are only two hands in which you would be in trouble against (Aces and Kings). Against all other hands you are either in a strong position or in at worst a coin flip. Bet your Ace-King hand aggressively before the flop but remember to be willing to fold if you don’t connect on the flop.

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